Get inspired from the real life examples of visionary golf facilities and leading industry speakers from around the world that will show you the Big Opportunities now available to the Golf Industry and how to take advantage of them

Come to the Golf Business Conference to learn from inspiring speakers, your colleagues from all over Europe, US and the suppliers to hear where the BIG opportunities are in the golf business. Hear about the successes that your colleagues have created. And share your small and big successes: together we will find the best opportunities for the new season.

This years speakers will be announced over the coming months.

To give you an idea of the high calibre that will be on show, last years speakers are listed below.

Nienke Bloem

Nienke Bloem is often called the Customer Experience GURU. She helps organisations towards customer centricity as trusted a advisor, executive coach and keynote speaker. Nienke is inspiring, smart,  hands-on and will use her expertise to help you understand the importance of customer journey strategies and how to implement them within daily practice to enhance the retention of the new golfer.

Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies, Director of WellPlayed and the CEO of a private family group which owns Eagle Ridge Golf Course in Victoria, Australia, will provide valuable insights on valuing strategies and adopting dynamic pricing in the European market.

In a market with plenty of supply of quality golf experiences, pricing strategy is a key driver of revenue growth and represents an opportunity for all golf facilities.

Elisa Gaudet

Elisa Gaudet is the President of Executive Golf International and has over 16 years of experience servicing clients with marketing, branding, sales as well as strategic planning and execution. She specialises in the golf industry and her experience includes working and living in the US, Europe, Latin America and numerous emerging golf markets.

Elisa is also a Founding Partner of Women’s Golf Day and she will be bringing all her knowledge to bare on demonstrating what the most undervalued financial factor to your club is, women as economic influencers.

Peter Harradine

Peter Harradine is the Managing Director and the senior architect of Harradine Golf. He has personally designed and co-designed over 160 golf courses in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Peter is building on his father’s considerable legacy and is renowned for providing clients with high quality golf courses that are not only sustainable but enjoyable for players of all standards.

Peter will bring his unrivalled experience to the conference, sharing his uncensored views on the Opportunities that golf has facing it today.

John King

John King, formally of the EGCOA, is now Creative Director at Digital Distilla. Many of us in the golf industry have known for years now that every day we’re presented with opportunities. Golden opportunities, more than we could possibly ever handle….Two years ago at this very conference, Vision 2020 gave us the treasure map to find where the gold lies.

But knowing where to dig and having the skill to mine the gold is a different matter.

In John’s presentation, you’ll learn for yourself 7, easy to implement, practical marketing techniques to reach out to your market and bring home some of those golden opportunities for yourself, to grow your sales and help your club succeed.

Jonas Meyer

Jonas Meyer of Players First and the Danish Golf Federation will explain how and why you should systematically measure the satisfaction of your customers in order to track and attack all potential opportunities they offer.

Golf courses in 5 countries across Europe are already do so and seeing interesting, immediate results that are revolutionising the way they see and relate to their members.

Richard Horton

Richard Horton is Managing Director and co-owner of Castle Holdings, a family owned hospitality advisory and investment firm.

Castle acquired the near bankrupt Black Bear GC in Orlando, FL at the height of the financial crisis and restructured operations returning the Club to profitability and being awarded The Best of The Best Golf Club Award.

Find out how in November.


In the coming weeks we will be added more speakers to the already action packed agenda. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting announcements by entering your in the form on the right hand side:

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